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FXDD | 15 Years and 7.2 Trillion Transactions

FXDD Surpasses 7.2 Trillion Transactions in 15 Years FXDD is creating waves with over 15 years in business, 7.3 trillion transactions, 320mm orders processed and 350,000 accounts opened, FX Direct Dealer is industry leaders foreign exchange trading.  Through Market Analysis and segmentation, FXDD leads trading in the digital age. Market analysis and market segmentation […]

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The FXDD Advantage in Trading

FXDD are revolutionary thinkers in trading and have set the trend in Forex by delivering new technologies backed by world-class customer support for individual and institutional traders. FXDD is empowering customers through trading internationally. FXDD’s Forex enterprise software solutions are innovative and with decades of combined international trading experience, FXDD is the logical choice for […]