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FXDD recognized for its world class customer service


Survival in the FX brokerage business could be a tricky endeavor, after all an ever-changing regulatory environment coupled with sharp and unexpected market moves can make it difficult for FX brokers to service for a long time.
For over 15 years FXDD managed to navigate this harsh environment to become one of the very few pioneering brokerages that are still standing on a solid ground.

Success for FXDD didn’t come easy and it is even harder to maintain. One reason for FXDD’s continuous success is the prudent guidance of CEO Joseph Botkier who have been at the helm of FXDD for the last 14 years. Mr. Botkier wisdom and market experienced helped FXDD tremendously in navigating the tricky retail FX industry and staying ahead of the curve and expecting the unexpected.

Another reason for FXDD long lasting success is its commitment to provide world class customer service to its clients across the 5 continents. The dedication and commitment of FXDD customer support team was recognized numerous times at the various FX venous that FXDD took part in during the past decade or so.

“Best customer support Team”, “Best knowledgeable support Team” and “Best overall broker” to name a few are some awards that FXDD has obtained during its participation in trade shows and conferences across the globe. From the Far East to the Middle East, from Australia to Europe FXDD was recognized numerous for its exceptional customer support team.
One place that FXDD did exceptionally well was the Middle East, one of the fastest growing regions for FX brokers. FXDD was one of the pioneering firms that entered that market back in 2007 and established a noticeable footprint. From Jordan to Egypt, Saudi Arabia to UAE FXDD team travelled the region holding seminars and webinars focusing on providing proper FX education and introducing FX trading as a reliable alternative for local market trading.

FXDD was recognized in Saudi Arabia, the country with the biggest market share in the Middle East region, numinous times. It was awarded the prestigious “Best FX broker” and “Best FX Customer service” awards by His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Saif AL Islam Bin Saoud. The recognition of FXDD excellency was not limited to tradeshows and public events only, a larger follower online and on social media ensures FXDD supremacy in the region amongst all FX players in the region.

FXDD maintains its unwavering commitment to provide its clients with exceptional customer service experience going into the future to build on the decade long story of success.


FXDD Boosts International Recognition Through Motorsports Sponsorship

FXDD is a major player in the forex industry providing exceptional offerings to international clients including intuitive platforms, 24-hour access to trading markets, and exceptional customer service. Through motorsports sponsorship, they’ve built a positive global reputation and a loyal client base of forex brokers.

The forex trading industry-leader FXDD maintains a global presence thanks to its outstanding platforms and international sponsorships. Pioneering the approach to motorsports partnerships, FXDD launched its first international sponsorship in 2011 with Red Bull Racing, the 2010 Formula One Constructors Championship winning team. Together, the partners went on to compete in the FIA Formula One (F1) World Championship.

The F1 Championship is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and has served as one of the premier international races since beginning in 1950. The race is dependent on a certain “formula” of vehicle and engine, and is a technology-driven sport much in the same way that forex is a technology-driven industry.

The motorsports arena often reflects a demographic that aligns with forex brokers’ target audiences. Sponsoring motorsports teams has enabled brokers to market their brands to an international audience with common interests in activities such as sports and trading. The F1 Championship is an especially wise investment for FXDD as it attracts over 400 million international followers that reflect their target market. Through the partnership with Red Bull Racing, FXDD engaged with an international client base and generated worldwide business in new markets.

“The incredible energy and cutting technology of F1 parallel FXDD’s innovation in the global Forex market resulting in a terrific fit between the two entities,” said Joseph Botkier current CEO of FXDD.

During the F1 Championship, FXDD’s logo appeared on the RB6 cars, the racing suits of both drivers, and the Red Bull Racing team uniform–broadcasting the company during a high-volume, internationally syndicated competition.

“[FXDD] is a very proactive and dynamic organization and the fast-moving, data-intensive world of online foreign currency trading is a good fit for Red Bull Racing and Formula One,” said Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner.

In the past, FXDD demonstrated their sponsorship success when they partnered with the New York Rangers NHL team and Madison Square Garden in November of 2009. The partnership with Red Bull, however, was a milestone in the FXDD legacy as it was their first international sponsorship. After a highly successful initial partnership, Red Bull and FXDD secured a second year of competition, their team valued at a million dollars for the season.

Later, FXDD paired up with team AIM Autosport (winners of the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series) for a season-long campaign in pursuit of the 2012 Rolex Series GT Championship. 2010 GT Champions Emil Assentato and Jeff Segal made up the FXDD-sponsored team in a factory-built Ferrari 458 Italia GT Grand Am. It demonstrated another proper partnership that benefited both parties on a global scale.

“We are very proud to partner with a team that exemplifies the precision and dedication we provide to our clients every day,” said emil assentato, FXDD Chairman of the Board.

“FXDD prudent decision to partner with Redbull Fi Racing Team during the period of 2010-2012 was vindicated as Redbull went on to win both Constructions and Drivers championships duiring that time displaying scintillating speed and accuracy throughout”. said Joseph Botkier FXDD CEO.

To this day, FXDD continues expanding its borders and world clientele by partnering with and sponsoring international motorsports teams in a variety of distinguished races.


FXDD, A Story of Success for Over 15 Years!

A global leader in foreign exchange trading, FXDD has had a long history of successes that spans many partnerships and unique achievements. Since the company’s inception over 15 years ago, their success streak has helped distinguish the FXDD platform from competitors and imitators in quality and performance.

FXDD provides a range of services to commercial entities, hedge funds, brokerage firms, money managers, and individual and institutional leaders around the world. Their distinctive offerings (such as their superior customer service and 24-hour trading access) establish the FXDD platform as a global leader in forex trading, but they’ve had a long series of successes that contributed to a worldwide reputation for excellence.

FXDD was initially established in 2002 as part of the Tradition of North America group of companies with a focus on retail clients acquisition. Tradition (North America) was a fully diversified inter-dealer broker in U.S. Capital markets, Canadian and Mexican markets, and foreign exchange, providing a spectrum of brokerage services to banks, corporations and institutions around the world.

From these beginnings, FXDD grew rapidly and became one of the first pioneering firms in the retail industry to work with leading MetaQuote platforms. MetaQuote platforms set the standard for trading by running on personal computers without requiring dedicated or expensive equipment. In 2005, MetaQuotes released its first trading platform version for mobile devices, harnessing growing trends in technology to improve trading for clients.

In 2008, FXDD obtained a membership of the U.S. National Futures Association (NFA) and became a fully-regulated firm in America. This greatly increased their potential and reputation, as the NFA is an industry-wide, self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry. It’s the purpose of the NFA to safeguard the integrity of derivatives markets as well as protect investors and ensure members meet regulatory responsibilities. As market dynamics shifted through the years, FXDD made a business decision to focus on other markets and withdraw its membership from the US in 2015.

With the intent to take their business to a grander scale internationally, FXDD joined the Malta Financial Service Association (MFSA) and became a fully-regulated firm in the European Union to offer services across the EU and global market. Similar to the accreditation of the NFA, the MFSA ensures the soundness of financial entities, fair competition, the integrity of the market, and the general interests and legitimate expectations of consumers.

Proving their growing reputation and capability, FXDD moved its headquarters to the 32nd floor of the prestigious World Trade Center building in 2010. In the same year (as well as the following) FXDD became the sponsor for the Red Bull Formula 1 team that won both constructions and drivers championships during its sponsorship. Following this tradition, the trading company became the main sponsor for the Ferrari Racing Team in the United States in 2014. The FXDD Chairman of the board even served as the driver of their racing team.

To improve their offerings and make lasting connections with major institutions, FXDD partnered with Bank of America in 2013. Bank of America has served as the trading company’s main bank for all its financial transactions for over 6 years where a switch to Metropolitan bank of New York was made to divertirse offerings to clients.

In 2017, FXDD began offering trading services on the elite Metatrader 5 platform, which provided more advanced trading functions and superior tools for traders than ever. In the same year, FXDD expanded its market offerings to include cryptocurrencies (in addition to stocks, indices, forex pairs and more).

Just last year, the trading company obtained a license from the FSC in Mauritius, which allowed it to expand its horizon and offer more favorable trading conditions to clients. Throughout nearly two decades of operation, FXDD proves to stay at the forefront of cutting edge technology and the most advanced offerings in the global trading market. Proving to keep its customers’ success in mind, FXDD continues advancing its comprehensive platform to remain a global leader in forex trading.

FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading Guides Educate Users on Critical Forex Topics

FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading Guides Educate Users on Critical Forex Topics

FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading Guides Educate Users on Critical Forex Topics


The FXDD platform is a forex trading industry leader with a range of multi-asset offerings and exclusive resources that promote wiser investing for brokers. Apart from a user-friendly design, convenient online tools, and access to a dedicated customer service team, the platform delivers intricate trading guides that allow brokers to trade in confidence.


FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading GuidesTrading in foreign exchange markets carries a high level of risk, but the superior educational resources provided through FXDD can help ease trading concerns. Brokers require access to quality research tools and trading resources for them to fully understand their assets and the available markets, which is where the FXDD platform excels above the competition. Apart from regularly updated market analyses for multi-asset offerings, the trading platform provides users with comprehensive forex trading guides to empower their performance.

On the FXDD website and through platform portals, users can access trading guides such as a Currency Pair Guide, Major Pairs Currency Guide, Cross Pairs Currency Guide, Emerging Market Currency Pairs Guide, and Commodity Pairs Currency Guide. In these online documents are dozens of pages detailing critical trading intel about forex markets and educational information that can be leveraged to trade more confidently.


Within the pages of the trading guides, users will find a dedicated entry for multiple pairs that include:


Information on the Currency Type:

At the top of the entry for each currency pair, trading guides supply FXDD users with shortened titles, full titles, and the country the specific currency belongs to.


Reports on High and Low Exchange Rates for Listed Currency Pair:

The guide lists out the high and the low exchange rate in number/decimal form to enlighten users on the performance of certain pairs against each other (helping users determine which might be a wiser investment).


Daily Average Movement in PIPs:

The point in percentage (PIP) listed in each entry is a measure of change for a currency pair, and its figure can be used to avoid huge losses for the FXDD user.


Correlating Pairs:

Listed here are the pairs that correlate and move relatively in the same direction with fluctuations, helping users understand which currencies will work best for group investment.


Pair Type:

This designates the currency type, which differs from classifications such as major, minor, and exotic among others.


Single Year Projection Graph:

Each entry comes with a graph that displays a currency’s performance across a single year in weekly increments. This helps acquaint users with a currency pairs’ likelihood to hold strong over a prolonged period.  


Informative Paragraph:

Below the graph in each entry is a quick informative paragraph that details a few key components for each currency and gives insight into its world standing.


Supporting information is listed beneath the informative paragraph, which provides more info on the currencies such as country of origin, the central bank, nicknames, and the percent of average daily turnover.


It’s details such as these that leave FXDD undisputed as an industry leader and a model for other trading platforms to strive for. The world-renowned team behind FXDD has built up a wealth of trading knowledge to offer users only the most effective tools and channels for trading forex pairs and other assets.

FXDD regulatory environment provides an optimal trading environment for retail investors

FXDD is an industry-leader in online trading that provides cutting-edge forex tools and resources helping to give users better control of their investments. since its inception, FXDD has put clients protection as its top priority and to this day it remains committed to the cause.

Forex trading is a booming market with potential for higher returns on investment. However, as with any other trading market, forex isn’t without its risks. To ease fears and minimize the risk, FXDD Malta falls under regulatory framework which ensures investor funds are segregated and protected such as negative balance protection.

FXDD’s clients can trade with a wide range of assets through one of the various trading platforms FXDD offers while accessing intuitive market data and analysis through the educational section on the client’s portal. Clients can invest in global index markets, trade in precious metals (such as gold and platinum), energies, cryptocurrencies CFDs and more.

FXDD provides access to the world’s largest market with the support of industry-leading technology and liquidity. Forex trading has a close connection to geopolitical and other macroeconomic events, which provides many opportunities for traders. FXDD clients can trade in 92 available currency asset pairs and diversify their strategic portfolio.

For those interested in the company’s trading software but are concerned with the security of their investment, FXDD Malta provides all its retail clients with a few key regulations:

Investor Compensation Scheme

One of the biggest concerns retail investors face when looking for a reliable forex trading platform is the regulation and safety of their funds. Thankfully, FXDD Malta falls under regulatory framework which protects their retail investors through the Investor Compensation Scheme administered by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

FXDD Malta Ltd. regularly contributes to this scheme throughout the year, ensuring customer funds are protected even in worst-case scenarios. For instance, if FXDD Malta were to become bankrupt or insolvent, its customers are protected through the initial sign up agreement. FXDD Malta’s customers are eligible for compensation of 90% of their investment (which has a maximum limit of €20,000). For more information about the Investor Compensation Scheme and who is protected, customers can turn to FXDD’ Malta’s knowledgeable and supportive customer service team.

Negative Balance Protection

As Per ESMA regulation FXDD Malta Ltd. providing clients with the benefit of Negative Balance Protection (NBP). Often, clients may calculate available funds incorrectly and may worry about overspending as a result. The NBP ensures that clients can’t lose more than or exceed the available funds in their account, helping to prevent a negative balance.

Segregated Bank Accounts

To avoid the potential of losing funds within a central location, All FXDD clients funds are kept in segregated bank accounts that exist separately from FXDD’s funds.

Segregation of funds is a vital feature that retain clients should consider when choosing their retail broker of choice.

FXDD Trading

FXDD’s Award winning Customer Service Team continues to deliver impressive performance for 15 years running!

As a global leader in online trading, FXDD earned a reputation for diverse resources that benefit both frequent traders and novices alike. The ultimate tool for increasing traders’ earning potential––understanding the program’s comprehensive functions––is one of the many advantages of having a dedicated customer service team on hand.

Success in online financial trading is dependent on components like access to many international markets, market analysis for making informed trading decision, and a user-friendly platform to trade in. The FXDD programprovides this and more through intuitive design and function developed by a world-renowned team of financial experts.

Through FXDD, users can deal in foreign currencies, energies, indices, stocks and more within a single portal, making it one of the most functional and user-friendly trading platforms available to investors. While its comprehensive resources make it an industry leader for seasoned traders, FXDD is formulated to help novices achieve high returns on their investments. FXDD’s Standard Pricing provides users with low spreads and no commissions, while ECN Pricing provides them with access to ultra-low, direct raw spreads.

However, the ultimate keys to maximizing earning potential are understanding your platform to the fullest and receiving answers to critical questions in real time. And this is where the unparalleled support of the FXDD customer service team helps distinguish the program from its competitors.

Within the FXDD program, users have an abundance of market data and analysis at their disposal. These resources have been translated into charts, graphs, and projections and aim to be straightforward and informational. Still, some users may not understand the market data as well as they should, which could impact their earning potential in the long run. The customer service team at FXDD can help shed light on how to make use of all the tools at their disposal so users have the highest opportunity for success.

In addition to translating the information provided within the FXDD program, the customer service team also functions as technical support for any difficulties that arise in the software. Unanticipated technical difficulties can impede a user’s potential earnings through no fault of their own or the program creators. However, FXDD’s dedicated customer service team is there to walk people through common problems and troubleshoot any technical issues.

Quick resolutions to issues such as these are essential to financial success, and FXDD promises this to users by allowing them to conveniently access help without ever leaving the software. Quality customer service can be reached through a live chat feature as well as through email and a 24/5 phone service.

The FXDD customer service team is knowledgeable and highly-experienced in international trade, allowing them to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly answer complex questions. In addition, the customer service team is multi-lingual and can communicate with users in English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Russian and many other languages, ensuring all users have equal access to internal support.

FXDD Trading

FXDD Empowers Traders Through Comprehensive Trading Platforms

FXDD is an industry leader in international online trading thanks to flexible trading options, thorough market research, multi-asset offerings, and a user-friendly software design. Forex retail traders and other institutional liquidity seekers are at a unique advantage because of the exclusive tools and resources available through FXDD.

Among other beneficial features, industry-leading FXDD software gives its users a range of tools and access to many international markets to trade in. FXDD provides a comprehensive lineup of manual and automated trading platforms and a variety of features that match almost any trading style preference. On-the-go accessibility through the smartphone app allows FXDD users to stay updated on fluctuating trends, market analysis, and the status of their investments.

Forex traders, retail and institutional alike, looking for variety and choice find plenty of trading opportunities in the powerful FXDD trading software that outmatches the competition by far. FXDD various online and desktop based platforms equips traders with over 60 forex pairs and access to leading platforms such as the world-famous MetaTrader series.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 (or MT4) was released in 2005 and FXDD was one of the pioneering global brokers to adopt the vertisle platform. throughout 14 years FXDD have on boarded over 200k clients on the MT4 platform and executed millions of trades via its proprietary bridge technology that linked the MT4 platform to the deep pools of liquidity offered by FXDD to its clients. MT4 is known today as the industry leader in forex trade and a must-have for brokers. Access to the robust software is provided exclusively through clients such as FXDD that harness advanced trading tools.

MT4 has developed an esteemed international reputation for its comprehensive charting and variety of trader resources. Both manual and automated traders alike benefit from the unique capability and tools within MetaTrader 4, making it a global standard for success. The FXDD team spent 15 years optimizing and updating their MetaTrader 4 system, ensuring users will benefit from only the most sophisticated trading resources available.

MetaTrader 5

Though the name suggests that Metatrader 5 (MT5) could be an improved version of Metatrader 4, it wasn’t designed to be an enhanced product or intended to target the same market. MT5 optimizes multi-asset trading through the help of graphical charting tools, a variety of pending orders, and an updated strategy tester.
The latest version, available through FXDD, comes with unique features such as mobile trading, a built-in marketplace, improved charting tools and other state-of-the-art components. FXDD was even named “Best MT5 Broker” from 2015 to 2017, proving industry leadership in foreign exchange.

Apart from the advantages of MetaTrader 4 and 5, FXDD software provides other powerful resources to fortify investments in international trade. Users are free to trade worry-free with the help of an extensive knowledge base of global markets and an international network of trusted sources. This allows novices to trade like seasoned professionals and increases the likelihood of return for all brokers. Market data, reports, and projections are compiled within the program so users are always equipped to make educated investments.

Web Trader

FXDD decision to adopt the MT4/MT5 platform didn’t stop it from developing its own proprietary trading platform called Web Trader. leveraging over 15 years experience in the financial technology field, FXDD through its technology affailite company, Forexware, have developed a world class web-based trading platform. it is packed with unique features and powerful charting tools as well as having access to the same deep liquidity pools offered by FXDD Tier 1 banks.

With over 15 years of experience in international markets––and with leaders like the renowned Joseph Botkier at the helm––the professional team behind FXDD has created an efficient platform that ensures broker success.

FXDD Trading

FXDD Distinguishes Itself from the Competition Through User Resources and a Highly-Capable Customer Service Team

FXDD, a pioneering global leader in online financial trading, provides highly sophisticated tools and resources through it various trading platforms. Apart from access to six markets, over 60 forex pairs to trade in, and useful trading insight, FXDD distinguishes itself with quality award winning customer service and support in over 10 different languages.

Trading in international markets can be complicating and either require years of experience before developing trading savviness, or else require the help of professionals who have done most of the heavy lifting already. That’s essentially what FXDD has accomplished through their online user friendly trading platforms. through the FXDD trading systems, clients can swap back and forth between a range of trading types and tap into sophisticated, regularly-updated market research courtesy of the developing team.

FXDD is headed by the world-renowned Joseph Botkier, an industry leader and a revolutionary in international finance. As a global leader in trade, Mr. Botkier identifies market opportunities and discovers optimal ways of leveraging trends and predictions. “Providing fair and user friendly trading environments for our clients is our top priority throughout the last 15 years” says Mr. Botkier. he added “ we always strive to provide fair execution and deep liquidity to our clients, couple that with top notch financial education and technical analysis therefore providing our clients with the perfect trading environment to help them achieve their financial goals with FXDD”.

His expertise and passion for international trade extends to the dedicated service team that FXDD Trading users can access 24/5 via phone, email and live chat. Quality customer service is an invaluable asset for novice traders and experts alike, as the team can unravel technical difficulties or complex data without requiring users to ever exit the software. The FXDD customer service team is highly-experienced in international trade and capable of answering complex questions and meeting customer needs quickly and thoroughly in various languages including but limited to English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Russian and many more.

International trading, regardless of the various available markets, can be a complicated process, and many traders may not have the know-how to make the wisest investment decisions on their own. That’s where the FXDD team steps in to supply information on market trends, statistics on forex markets, comprehensive analysis of global currencies, and other assets that help clients make educated investments.

Traders success isn’t just dependent on intel and access to foreign currencies and markets. Sometimes technology––though it was designed to enhance the process––can act out or perform unexpectedly, which market data and foreign market research can’t fix. For such circumstances, the FXDD customer service team also acts as technical support to help users through difficulties with the software. FXDD users can contact company representatives by email or opt in for a callback option if they prefer, but the platform also offers clients speedy responses through a Live Chat feature.

As a leading trading platform in complex international markets, FXDD gives clients a lot of power and capability through their robust online trading software. Their broad offerings and their market- and tech-savvy customer service highly distinguish FXDD from other less-capable platforms.

FXDD header

FXDD User-Friendly software provides advanced cutting edge trading environment to all its traders.

FXDD has an international reputation for being one of the most comprehensive trading services, offering various platforms and access to many international markets. In addition, FXDD software provides user-friendly navigation and some of the most sophisticated offerings and dedicated customer service teams around.

For interested traders and investors, the FXDD trading software provides enough support and intuitive resources to defeat most intimidation over entering world financial markets. While their programs don’t directly do the trading for the clients, the research and access they provide take away most of the heavy lifting required. Headed by renowned Joseph Botkier, the team behind FXDD has collectively spent decades securing international relationships and building a wealth of trading knowledge made available through their software.

FXDD platforms leverage only the latest industry tools and resources and pair them with comprehensive market data and projections to make investing and trading a breeze. Since the company was founded in 2002, the leaders of FXDD have ensured to include a variety of services and features in their platforms––coupled with an outstanding customer service team to answer questions quickly and assist through any technical difficulties. These advancements have undoubtedly established the company as a global industry leader.

Finding success in international markets requires, at the very least, access. Through FXDD platforms, users can trade in a range of international currencies (such as USD, GBP, JPY, and CHF) as well as tap into trading of indices, metals, energies, stocks, and CFD cryptocurrencies. Few other platforms come as close to the wide market access of FXDD, and even fewer can support their clients in these markets with thorough research and projection models.

Instead of spending weeks and months researching and digging up information for themselves, clients can look to the careful projections and information gathered conveniently and meticulously in FXDD customer portal. For instance, forex trading is a highly-demanding market that requires specific understanding of trends and fluctuations in addition to the know-how to leverage international commerce. This is usually only learned through years and years of practice, but which FXDD users can access right from their accounts. Models of forex trends help users spot upcoming rises and falls in the market and help them determine which of the over 60 available forex pairs to trade in.

The tools and resources available in the software cut down the time it takes to make educated, professional decisions from years into moments, and the quality customer service team shortens the time it takes to work through any complications along the way.

FXDD provides its users with a simple and user-friendly experience backed by the support and knowledge of qualified personnel and highly-capable technology. Whatever their trading preference or asset of choice, FXDD delivers its clients capable resources to excel in today’s most dynamic trading markets.

The Powerful Resources and Benefits of Trading Through FXDD’s Online Trading System.

The Powerful Resources and Benefits of Trading Through FXDD’s Online Trading System.


FXDD - Benefits of Trading
FXDD – Benefits of Trading

International trading requires a few key tools and resources to allow traders and investors to see high returns, namely access to key markets. Those using the FXDD online trading platforms are at a distinct advantage with access to six markets as well as a range of helpful resources to assist them to make complex trading decisions, including data analysis and support from a dedicated customer service team.


Today, users can choose from a slew of trading products that seemingly enhance the trading experience and improve traders’ odds. However, few platforms come anywhere near as close to the robust offerings of the FXDD hub. There, users can access their account summary to review current investments, check up on fluctuating trends in various forex markets, while having the ability to communicate directly with customer service through our online advanced chat system, should any questions arise.


These diverse benefits are crucial to success, and FXDD offers even more powerful user capability:


Numerous Trading Markets


Most trading platforms will have up to four or five markets to choose from, but the team behind FXDD gives users access to:


Forex Pairs: FXDD allows traders to trade in 67 forex pairs and use a combination of strategies to leverage international markets.


Metals: Instead of sticking to traditional fiat money, metal is an excellent portfolio piece for new and seasoned traders alike. Through FXDD, clients can trade metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium during market hours through online trading software.

Energies: Oil prices have fluctuated in recent years, creating a lot of opportunity for high trading values. Through the FXDD online trading platform, users can experiment with WTI Oil, Brent Oil, and Natural Gas.


Indices: Trading values and indices is one of the quickest and most accessible ways to tap into a multitude of markets, expanding the variety of user portfolios while increasing their potential.


Cryptocurrencies CFDs: FXDD online trading introduces cryptocurrency CFDs trading on MT4, MT5, and WebTrader. Platform users are able to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum 24/5 within a single account.


Stocks: For those users who prefer typical trading systems, FXDD online trading offers a range of stocks to trade––with perceptive market data to back up decisions.  


Technical Analysis


Through FXDD, traders and investors can increase their confidence and develop a winning mindset with the help of insightful data and analysis to help make justified decisions. The analysis also exposes users to various trade ideas that help them see new opportunities in the market. Graphs, charts, and projections are updated daily through in FXDD platforms and online client’s portal.  so that traders can be in the know on the latest trends and value fluctuations. All the data sources are verified by the FXDD online trading team and trusted by Central Banks.


Savvy Customer Service


Navigating the various available markets with ease will take practice and repeated exposure. However, the team behind FXDD understands that markets and investment options can become daunting in no time. To help, they offer a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team that helps users move through the various trading platforms offed, find pertinent trading data and Intel, and assist them through any technical difficulties.


It’s hard to find a trading platform with as much functionality and assistance as the FXDD platform provides. Users trading in FXDD online trading platforms find success thanks to intuitive tools, updated data, and a range of resources not typically offered to international traders and investors.