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The Powerful Resources and Benefits of Trading Through FXDD’s Online Trading System.

The Powerful Resources and Benefits of Trading Through FXDD’s Online Trading System.


FXDD - Benefits of Trading
FXDD – Benefits of Trading

International trading requires a few key tools and resources to allow traders and investors to see high returns, namely access to key markets. Those using the FXDD online trading platforms are at a distinct advantage with access to six markets as well as a range of helpful resources to assist them to make complex trading decisions, including data analysis and support from a dedicated customer service team.


Today, users can choose from a slew of trading products that seemingly enhance the trading experience and improve traders’ odds. However, few platforms come anywhere near as close to the robust offerings of the FXDD hub. There, users can access their account summary to review current investments, check up on fluctuating trends in various forex markets, while having the ability to communicate directly with customer service through our online advanced chat system, should any questions arise.


These diverse benefits are crucial to success, and FXDD offers even more powerful user capability:


Numerous Trading Markets


Most trading platforms will have up to four or five markets to choose from, but the team behind FXDD gives users access to:


Forex Pairs: FXDD allows traders to trade in 67 forex pairs and use a combination of strategies to leverage international markets.


Metals: Instead of sticking to traditional fiat money, metal is an excellent portfolio piece for new and seasoned traders alike. Through FXDD, clients can trade metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium during market hours through online trading software.

Energies: Oil prices have fluctuated in recent years, creating a lot of opportunity for high trading values. Through the FXDD online trading platform, users can experiment with WTI Oil, Brent Oil, and Natural Gas.


Indices: Trading values and indices is one of the quickest and most accessible ways to tap into a multitude of markets, expanding the variety of user portfolios while increasing their potential.


Cryptocurrencies CFDs: FXDD online trading introduces cryptocurrency CFDs trading on MT4, MT5, and WebTrader. Platform users are able to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum 24/5 within a single account.


Stocks: For those users who prefer typical trading systems, FXDD online trading offers a range of stocks to trade––with perceptive market data to back up decisions.  


Technical Analysis


Through FXDD, traders and investors can increase their confidence and develop a winning mindset with the help of insightful data and analysis to help make justified decisions. The analysis also exposes users to various trade ideas that help them see new opportunities in the market. Graphs, charts, and projections are updated daily through in FXDD platforms and online client’s portal.  so that traders can be in the know on the latest trends and value fluctuations. All the data sources are verified by the FXDD online trading team and trusted by Central Banks.


Savvy Customer Service


Navigating the various available markets with ease will take practice and repeated exposure. However, the team behind FXDD understands that markets and investment options can become daunting in no time. To help, they offer a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team that helps users move through the various trading platforms offed, find pertinent trading data and Intel, and assist them through any technical difficulties.


It’s hard to find a trading platform with as much functionality and assistance as the FXDD platform provides. Users trading in FXDD online trading platforms find success thanks to intuitive tools, updated data, and a range of resources not typically offered to international traders and investors.

FXDD - Functionality & Customization

FXDD Delivers Robust Functionality and Customization to International Users Through Sophisticated Trading System.

FXDD Delivers Robust Functionality and Customization to International Users Through Sophisticated Trading System.


FXDD - Trading System
FXDD – Trading System

The idea of international investments intimidates many would-be investors because of the complexity and endless possibilities involved. With so many markets to tap into and such a wide potential for high and low returns, investors benefit from intuitive trading platforms with dedicated customer service teams to answer pertinent questions. FXDD’s online trading system is world-renowned for its diverse user options and its comprehensive tools and resources, and their friendly customer service staff is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Online forex trading is a great example of the complex functionality a powerful platform like FXDD delivers, which allows its users to trade in over 60 forex pairs. Through years of fine-tuning their offerings, the trading group gives platform users entry to economies with the largest and most sophisticated financial markets and coaches them through exclusive market intel.


Maintaining an understanding of ongoing and future trends is key to success, and FXDD provides analysis and data reports so their users can make only the most informed and educated investments. Interested investors don’t have to worry over being an unseasoned professional when they have easy, user-friendly access to profound market data.


FXDD gives users insightful and up-to-date technical and fundamental analytical reports on all markets and tradable instruments available on its various platforms, including metals, energies, forex pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies CFDs and more. currently, FXDD trading platforms allow currency traders to speculate in six different asset classes.


The team behind FXDD offers unparalleled services to forex traders through a range of tools and resources in their online system.


There, investors and traders can customize their accounts with language options, personalized summaries, and access to multiple international markets to trade in.


Creating a trading environment that can meet the diverse needs of clients around the world requires a knowledge base of many popular global markets, a feat for any investing company. FXDD has over 15 years of experience in international markets, and the professional team behind FXDD trading system translates a wealth of trading knowledge to traders in easy-to-understand summaries and figures.


FXDD also supports their international clients by leveraging world market intel and providing it to them in a range of various languages. Users aren’t restricted to information only available in their market and can access diverse trading and investing resources in a number of languages.  Market data, account forms, online tools and more are presented in English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese through FXDD among others.


FXDD, headed by the renowned CEO Joseph Botkier, offers a range of platform functions, world currencies, market assets, and resources to help novices and seasoned traders to have a fair chance to excel in trading.

FXDD Trading - Featured

FXDD Trading Platforms Demonstrate Importance of Regulation in the Forex Industry

FXDD Trading Platforms Demonstrate Importance of  Regulation in the Forex Industry


FXDD Trading - Forex Industry
FXDD Trading – Forex Industry

Trading in lucrative forex markets can have significant returns, but not without a risk of investment. Forex industry leader FXDD ensures top-quality regulation of funds and assets, minimizing risk and ultimately creating a safer and more secure trading environment for clients.


FXDD is a world leader and provider of cutting-edge forex technology and resources that allow users to take control of their investments like few services can. Through the FXDD platforms and online tools, users can access up-to-date market analyses and projection tools to help them make only the wisest and most educated investment choices.


A major concern for investors when shopping forex brokers is the regulation and safety of their funds. However, FXDD provides protection to their investors through the Investor Compensation Scheme administered by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).


FXDD Malta Ltd. Contributes to this scheme annually. in the unlikely event that it becomes insolvent, then its customers are afforded protection through their initial agreement. FXDD Malta customers would be eligible for compensation of 90% of their investment, which is up to a maximum limit of €20,000. Because the Investor Compensation Scheme was set up as a protection for retail customers, professional clients and certain counterparties fall out of the scope, so it’s best to ask regulation questions to qualified representatives up front.


FXDD Malta Ltd also offers their clients the benefit of Negative Balance Protection meaning that any client trading losses can’t exceed the available funds in client accounts. And that ultimately means that their account balances will never be negative and that clients are not liable for any loses more than what they have deposited.


In addition, FXDD separates clients’ funds to ensure the safest regulation––storing them in a segregated bank account that exists separately from company funds. There’s no worry over client funds disappearing or coming into question should the company face difficulties in the market, which is a huge benefit to prospective clients. FXDD holds client funds in top tier banks in Europe and the United States as well.


To assure that users invest with peace of mind, FXDD Malta Ltd. holds a Category 3 investment services license issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Because of this, FXDD is authorized to operate and provide cross-border investment services in all countries within the EEA. This includes, among others:


FCA, United Kingdom –– The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is an independent body without ties to any government. It receives statutory powers from the Financial Services and Markets Act of 2000 and is a company “limited by guarantee and financed by the financial services industry.”


CONSOB, Italy –– CONSOB (an acronym for its Italian name ‘Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa’) is the supervisory authority for the Italian financial products market. It aims to protect investors as well as the efficiency, transparency, and development of the market.

CNMV, Spain –– The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) is in charge of supervising and inspecting the Spanish Stock Markets as well as the activities of all participants in those markets.


Interested users looking for a comprehensive forex trading online platform that provides security as well as proper financial regulation should consider FXDD and their user-friendly online platform. With access to lucrative world markets and industry tools and resources, FXDD users are sure to find financial success.


FXDD - Comprehensive Resources

Online Forex Trading Platforms Like FXDD’s Save Users Time and Expenses Through Comprehensive Resources

Online Forex Trading Platforms Like FXDD Save Users Time and Expenses Through Comprehensive Resources


FXDD black logo
FXDD black logo

FX Direct Dealer’s various online trading platforms offer industry-leading tools and resources to navigate complex international markets. The platforms’ rich functionalities and reliable market data make it an indispensable asset in forex trading.


Finding success in forex trading could be a bumpy ride but thanks to companies like FX Direct Dealer who puts the power of international markets and industry intel in the hands of their FXDD platforms users, this got a lot easier. The platforms, accessible through a download, web access and smart devices, act as a central trading hub where users can access regularly-updated market analyses and tools like charting tools and news to ensure their investments potentially have the highest chances of success


In addition to offering most of the major and exotic currency pairs, FXDD deals in other lucrative markets such as metals, energies, indices, stocks and CFD cryptocurrencies. participating in major world markets is as simple as logging onto one of FXDD various platforms, choosing a tradable instrument, accessing market research, and making an educated investment decision. It’s through this simple and powerful functionality that FXDD’s trading platforms revolutionize user engagement in global trading markets.


FXDD partners with many teams and service providers around the world to offer a robust and comprehensive trading system full of reliable information and industry advice. Dedicated to providing the highest level of service to clients, FXDD gives access to fund management solutions, introducing broker solutions, liquidity-providing solutions and more.


FXDD’s online trading platforms are the forerunner for the most dynamic and comprehensive trading service on the market today, thanks to a few key features:


Forex Trading Tools and Resources Through the FXDD Online Platform


User-Friendly Design –– If your goal is to give users access to otherwise esoteric intel and complicated market data, the platform in question must be user-friendly, which is to say easy-to-navigate, attractive to look at, and logically flowing between subjects. FXDD platforms are built with these and other easy-to-use features in mind that cater to novices and experts alike.


Market Data and Analysis –– Excelling in forex trading requires access to market data that allows users to draw their own conclusions and make educated investment choices. FXDD goes the extra mile by providing both frequently-updated international market data as well as detailed analyses of figures and trends. In addition to an economic calendar and pricing/swap rates, users have access to yields daily charts and currency pair charts for informed decision making.


Trading Tools –– FXDD offers its users access to advanced trading calculator tool. The tool takes into consideration pip value, margin calculation, position size, profit, spread costs and more to give ultra-accurate calculations. Additionally, users have access to intuitive trading guides (such as currency and market guides) that coach them on vital industry models and trends.


For over 15 years FXDD is run by a team of industry experts and headed by qualified leaders like Joseph Botkier who empower the product through decades of experience and international relationships. Through FXDD superior platform execution and unparalleled customer service support and resource offerings, users can find wide success in a range of forex trading markets.



FXDD Exemplifies Outstanding Customer Service to Help Clients Navigate Forex Markets

FXDD Exemplifies Outstanding Customer Service to Help Clients Navigate Forex Markets



FX DD, a leader in complex forex markets, offers clients a robust trading platform with plenty of industry tools and resources to succeed in international trading. FXDD’s comprehensive customer service distinguishes them from other less-capable forex brokers.


Few forex brokers offer clients as wide a range of services as the team behind FXDD does, but almost none can compare to their dedicated customer service. Quality customer service is an invaluable asset––especially when operating in robust foreign exchange markets (confusing for novices and experts alike).


The FXDD platform’s diverse offerings give clients the option to trade in a number of assets, most notably indices, metals, energies, stocks, cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies (including USD, GBP, JPY, and CHF among others). FXDD is a major player in international markets thanks largely to an immense knowledge base and 15 years of experience in the global trade. They’ve gained far recognition for their diverse resources, offering informative guides that shed light on complicated trading procedures and thorough market analysis from in-house experts.


The team behind FXDD understands that foreign exchange and global markets are esoteric subjects only apparent to industry experts. It’s why in addition to asset classes, informative research, and user-friendly platforms, FXDD connects clients with the market- and tech-savvy customer service representatives.


Comprehensive Customer Service Through FXDD Trading


It’s one thing to have a dedicated customer service team you don’t have a problem reaching; it’s another thing to have a team that is highly experienced in their field. Also capable of answering complex questions in plain English. (or another 6 languages of your choice including Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Arabic). FX DD rightfully holds a reputation as an industry leader in forex and customer service alike, meeting customer needs quickly and thoroughly.


Forex trading is complicated. FX DD platform provides customers with up to date information on market trends. Along with a deep analysis of global currencies. Statistics on forex markets and more to educate and clients make informed commitments.


However, it’s not always a lack of market intel that gets in the way of investor success. Technology has a way of enhancing the process at times and complicating things at others. Thankfully, the FXDD customer service team doubles as technical support, which is an invaluable asset when accessing a trading platform.


Besides contacting representatives through email. FX DD offers clients speedy responses through their ‘Live Chat’ feature. As well as a fallback option for those who prefer phone calls.


Forex trading is a demanding market that requires intrinsic understanding and sophisticated methods of leveraging international commerce. Navigating complex trading markets and investing wisely requires the assistance of comprehensive customer service teams. Such as FX Direct Dealer provides through their robust platform.

FXDD - featured - forex

FXDD Offers Clients Powerful Resources to Excel in Forex Trading Online

FXDD Offers Clients Powerful Resources to Excel in Forex Trading Online


FXDD - Forex Trading Online
FXDD – Forex Trading Online

By providing a range of online tools and resources, and offering clients a vigilant and personable customer service team, FXDD excels as an industry leader in online foreign exchange trading.


Furthermore, the smartest investors trade with only the most dynamic forex brokers to succeed in international currency markets, leveraging only the latest industry tools and resources. FXDD, founded in 2002, offers clients a range of platforms, currencies, assets, and resources to help novices and seasoned professionals alike find success in top trading markets. The variety of services and features of FXDD––combined with their superior customer service––establish the platform as an industry leader.


Creating a conducive trading environment that meets the needs of clients requires global market knowledge. With over 15 years of experience in international currency markets. The professional team behind FXDD has built up a wealth of trading knowledge. Harnessing only the most effective tools and channels.


For clients to succeed, they need access to research tools and various trading platforms. However, they also need quality customer service to deter any roadblocks or answer any questions. Customer service is where FXDD truly distinguishes itself. Offering caring and knowledgeable representatives who are glad to help clear up the confusion. Customer service teams apply years of experience to help clients achieve peace of mind. In addition to speedy replies to any concerns regarding accounts. It’s how the platform guarantees a stress-free and truly advantageous trading environment.


FXDD provides a rich experience through qualified personnel and highly-capable (but user-friendly) technology. The team currently offers six different asset classes from their offices in New York and Malta. The platform allows currency traders complete access to lucrative forex markets. Besides clients can trade international currencies and beyond. Extending their reach into indices, metals, energy markets and more.


FXDD Offers Six Trading Assets, Far Above Industry Standards


In addition to a range of international currencies (such as USD, GBP, JPY, and CHF). Furthermore, FXDD allows trading of many other assets through clients’ FX trading accounts, namely:


Indices: Clients can invest in global markets through various indices, with global figures updated frequently through the platform.

Metals: Trade in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, using the insight of FXDD tools and resources to keep up with global trading values.

Energies: Oil and natural gas are still major players in international trade, and clients can dive in with certainty thanks to FXDD’s comprehensive research tools.

Stocks: The platform gives access to a well-curated selection of stocks, from smaller businesses to mega-giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and others.

Crypto CFDS: Because they’re committed to providing access to global markets, the team at FX Direct Dealer allows clients to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum 24/5, to name a few.


In conclusion, whatever your trading platform preference or preferred asset. FXDD delivers powerful industry resources and wide capability so clients can excel in today’s trading markets. Its place as an industry leader in international trade is undisputed.


FXDD black logo


FXDD | 15 Years and 7.2 Trillion Transactions

FXDD Surpasses 7.2 Trillion Transactions in 15 Years


FXDD is creating waves with over 15 years in business, 7.3 trillion transactions, 320mm orders processed and 350,000 accounts opened, FX Direct Dealer is industry leaders foreign exchange trading.

Through Market Analysis and segmentation, FXDD leads trading in the digital age. Market analysis and market segmentation are two of the most important steps in properly trading in 2018. The market analysis looks at the benefits and range of markets within unique industries. Through market study research, businesses can assess the level of risk, benefit, and ROI of each financial instrument before investing.

“As a business and an investor, it is paramount to have a strategy when investing, which FXDD has done for companies globally for nearly two decades.“-  FX Direct Dealer

Understanding how a market is segmented is the foundation for building a well-rounded portfolio. Segmentation is crucial to every companies success. Segmentation is important, especially in the digital age. With the advent of smart consumerism, companies are required to produce a wider range of products, and to differentiate themselves at a higher rate than any time in history. As companies are ever changing, investors have to pay closer attention as they invest. The foundation of segmentation is what FX Direct Dealer specializes in.

Market research helps investors stay on top of what is currently relevant. Giving companies and investors the ability to find competitive advantages while still investing. What this research yield is the ability to identify better products worth investing in. This can lead to long-term success while trading.

Innovation Meets FXDD

“FX Direct Dealer has provided continued innovation in markets globally for over 15 years. Since inception, FXDD has watched the market change drastically, working to build and maintain a foundation for great trading and an environment that provides superior customer service that exceeds expectations year after year.” -FX Direct Dealer

As FXDD invests in Market Research, we are continually creating state of the art products. One instance of innovation within FXDD is the Economic calendar. For businesses and investors staying up to date on real-world events that affect their businesses is of utmost importance. 

This has allowed FXDD to pioneer one of the best knowledge bases for trading and a world-class trading team. With experience through market research, and having one of the best technological platforms, FX Direct Dealer makes all the difference for businesses and investors everywhere.

In conclusion, for more information on FXDD, Market analysis, and segmentation, visit FX Direct Dealer and connect with us here.